The 2005 McShep Awards

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The 2005 McShep Awards
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As many know, Emma was unable to complete the awards herself due to some things in RL. Some of us asked her if she wouldn't mind us taking over for this year and because she's a wonderful person, she's allowed us to go forward.

At this time, katydidmischief is heading this up with the intentions of closing the awards and announcing all winners by the beginning of august. All those who wish to participate can as this comm will be open, however, one must be a member to post in this group. Any posting must be related to the awards.

Since CJ is doing this by ear (I've done only 2 awards before this and both in very small fandoms), let her know if there's something you'd like to see done. This group has open membership and open posting, there is one mod at this time - shippygem, who will be here to help ensure that posts are kept to only issues related to the awards. If there's anyone else who'd like to be a mod, let katydidmischief know.

* Everyone in fandom is welcome to vote during the voting period! :)

On Wednesday, June 22nd, katydidmischief will post an entry to allow for one more week of nominations. When Emma had to stop, there were six days left to the process. We will allow it to run until the 29th.

The nomination time will close that day and she will post links to the stories as soon as she can. This will most likely take some time since she will be doing each kind of fic in its own post, as well as the fanart in its own. The posts will be linked on this page to allow for easier locating.

There will be a one week "Reading" period, so everyone can exclusively read the materials from the 29th to the 6th of July. On the sixth of July until July 28th, voting will commence. Hopefully by August 3rd or 4th, the votes will be tallied and the winners announced.

Action - [read] [vote] | Angst - [read] [vote] | AU - [read] [vote]

Author 2005 - [read] [vote] | Story 2005 - [read] [vote]

Dark - [read] [vote] | Drama - [read] [vote] | Episode Tag - [read] [vote]

Future - [read] [vote] | H/C - [read] [vote] | Humour - [read] [vote]

Kink - [read] [vote] | Proposition - [read] [vote] | PWP - [read] [vote]

Romance - [read] [vote] | Series - [read] [vote] | Thoughts - [read] [vote]

Threesome/Moresome - [read] [vote] | UST/Preslash - [read] [vote]

WIP - [read] [vote]

Fanvid - [watch] [vote] | Fanart - [look] [vote] | Manips - [look] [vote]

Wallpapers - [look] [vote] | Icons - [look] [vote]

katydidmischief, shippygem, forcryinoutloud, and neth_dugan are maintainers of the comm though Neth has since gone to the US so she's been relieved of her duties. :) We are aware that Emma is here, as she was been notified of the group's existance.

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