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03 November 2006 @ 11:06 pm
The McKay/Sheppard Awards 2006!  
The awards have a new and permanent home this year! mcshep_awards

Nominations are now officially OPEN!

Please read the INTRO post first!

And when you're ready you can go ahead and start NOMINATING! Please make sure to read through the nomination post as there are a few rules as to which stories are eligible to be nominated this year (PLEASE make sure that you post your nominations to THIS post only, or to the email address included on the nomination page).

To save on the hassle of having to contact EVERY author nominated to see if they are interested in/willing to have their fic nominated in these awards there is a handy dandy POLL where you can choose 'yes you want your fic included' or 'no you don't want your fic included'. If you could take a moment to answer that poll for both me and those who are going to be nominating, that'd be great! :)

You'll notice that there are posts for each nomination category already--that's to save on the community's Flist later, each post will be edited accordingly once nominations have ended. ;) So for now you can ignore those posts as they really don't have anything of interest in them.

***Once the nominations are finished, if there is a category with LESS than FIVE nominations in it, the category will be removed from the list.***

Last year we had almost 200 nominations, let's see if we can double that this year!!
(Anonymous) on December 22nd, 2006 06:21 pm (UTC)
where can i find the fics?
Hi, I'm new to the atlantis fandom and trying to find my feet.
didn't know it'd be this difficult to find good-quality fan fiction.
happy to have found a place pointing the way to *good* fics, but what a disappointment to find that your awards list is just that: a list without any hyperlinks!!!!
so where the hell am i supposed to find these fics????
ForCryinOutLoudforcryinoutloud on December 22nd, 2006 10:43 pm (UTC)
Re: where can i find the fics?
There are links to ALL of the fanfiction nominated in each nomination post. If you look at the group profile beside each category there are two links "read" and "vote" the vote links no longer work because, if you check the newest post on the community you'll see the voting period is over, however the read links all still work. It will bring you to whatever category you choose. You'll see a list--the titles themselves are not links, but if you look beside the author's name you'll see another "read" link.